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Professional Mini Split Services Around Snoqualmie WA

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Get A Quality Mini Split Unit For Your Room With All Weather Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration!

What are the benefits of installing a mini split or ductless system into your home? You may have heard of ductless AC and heating systems, and you might even have seen these small, unobtrusive systems installed in restaurants, office buildings or friends' homes.

But how can you be certain that such a system is right for you and your family? Reflecting on the advantages of upgrading to a mini-split system can help make your decision easier. Here are the some of the biggest benefits such systems provide.

Cost Savings On Your Mini Split

A ductless air conditioning and heating system has the potential to offer significant cost savings over the life of the system. As many homeowners are well aware, utility costs continue to increase, and traditional heating and cooling systems tend to be inefficient and costly. Ductless HVAC systems, on the other hand, need less power thanks to their smaller and more efficient design than standard forced-air systems. In addition, you can use a mini-split system to create zones within your home, allowing you to heat or cool only those rooms that you are currently using and reducing your overall energy usage. Besides these direct savings on utility bills, homeowners often are eligible for utility or tax rebates after installing a ductless heat pump and air conditioning system.

Improvement In Air Quality

If anyone in your family has allergies or a sensitivity to poor quality air, you may have noted that traditional ducted systems often leave the air quality in your home lower than that of outside air. Traditional ducted systems rely on air ducts that need constant professional cleaning, and even regular cleaning cannot completely eliminate dust and allergens. On the other hand, ductless HVAC systems are designed with multi-stage filtration to dramatically limit the allergens, dust, pollen and bacteria introduced into your home, even without regular professional maintenance.

Reduce your Family's Carbon Footprint

The energy efficiency of ductless HVAC systems provides wonderful cost savings, but it also allows you to help reduce your family's total carbon output. For example, all of the Mitsubishi mini split systems follow the ENERGY STAR guidelines, guaranteeing a far greater level of energy efficiency than the U.S. government's minimum requirements.

Reliable Mini Split Repairs & Services

Whether its installation or repair services, we always work to give you a price that guarantees value for your money. For installation, we will give you a free quote and for repair services, we will calculate the total costs upfront after our technician has diagnosed your central air conditioning system issues.

At All Weather HVAC, no work is too big or too small for us. We transverse the region handling large-scale commercial projects as well as small-scale residential projects. We have a large number of both commercial and residential clients whom you can speak to and ask about our quality of service with their air conditioning systems. Don't let your home or commercial property suffer discomfort or losses due to AC failure anymore. Contact us today and schedule regular servicing and maintenance to ensure your system is always performing at its peak. And when that emergency failure happens, you know what to us immediately!

Hear what our customers have to say about our service!

"Our furnace quit and we got a quote from another company. The guy was shady and I didn't feel right about it. Asked my neighbor if they knew anyone and he gave me Scotts name and #. I am soooo glad I called. We got a furnace 3x's nicer than the one we had and he told me the other company was trying to give me one that was a downgrade from the original one.

He installed same day too. Scott was so fast and super professional and knew EVERYTHING there is to know about Furnace. He is very passionate about his job and friendly too. I will use him in the future and will recommend him to anyone. No doubt. Cara V. from Snoqualmie, WA

When you're looking for Mini Split installations in the Snoqualmie area, All Weather Heating & Cooling can help! Our team specializes in offering some of the best brands available for your home, so you don't have to worry about bad equipment. If you're curious about how your home can benefit from a new mini split, contact us ASAP before the season changes!